How can I configure Joomla?

Simply install our official Plugin to configure Joomla with Mailjet.

Also, normally, the last version of Joomla can handle sending via SMTP (parameters in Joomla's admin:

Before setting up Mailjet with Joomla, please ensure the following points have already been undertaken:
• Sender Address is already activated. If this has not been done, please activate it by signing in to your Mailjet account. Go to My Account › Senders & Domains › Sender Address and follow the steps to configure either the email address or the whole domain.
• API and Secret Keys information are already available. To get this information, login to your Mailjet account and go to My Account › Senders and Domains › SMTP and SEND API Settings. Copy the information provided in this section.
• The plugin for Joomla is downloaded and saved in your desktop. If you have not done so, please download the plugin by going to this link and click "Get Started".
• Once the above are undertaken, perform the steps provided below.

1. Login as Administrator in Joomla
2. Go to Extensions › Manage › Install
3. Upload Package file (browse for the location where you saved the file
4. Click on Upload and Install
5. Go to System › Global Configuration › Server tab › Mail Settings section
6. Enter the information as shown in the example below:
• Send Mail: YES
• Desable Mass Mail: NO
• From E-mail: (this must be your validated e-mail address)
• From Name: John Doe
• Mailer: SMTP Server
• SMTP Host:
• SMTP Port: 465
• SMTP Security: SSL/TLS
• SMTP Authentication: YES
• SMTP Username: Mailjet API Key
• SMTP Password: Mailjet Secret Key

If assistance is required, please contact our support team.

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